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SPR Vs Dwarka Expressway

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SPR Vs Dwarka Expressway

Dwarka expressway which is also known as Northern peripheral road is around 27 km long 8-lane highway connecting Dwarka in Delhi to Gurgaon in Haryana. It starts from NH-48 at Shiv Murti, Mahipalpur and covers Indira Gandhi International Airport, Dwarka and Bijwasan before entering New Palam Vihar in Gurgaon and terminates near Khirki Daula Toll Plaza and then gets connected to the Southern Peripheral Road and the proposed Delhi–Jaipur Expressway.

As far as Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) is concerned, its route is all the more important as it intersects Sohna road at Badshahpur coming from Faridabad Gurgaon road, Golf Course Extension Road, meets NH-8 and then merges with Northern peripheral road or Dwarka-expressway. Southern Peripheral road coupled with the Northern peripheral road is going to act like a ring road on the outer periphery of Gurgaon easing out the prevailing traffic snarls in the city.

Comparing SPR vs Dwarka Expressway, SPR emerges as an outright winner in the current scenario in terms of good location for investment, good infrastructure, easy accessibility or good connectivity and advantageous proximity to prime locations. The indicator points to SPR only while doing comparison on different parameters of social infrastructure like schools, hospitals and shopping malls. Dwarka expressway has been facing major roadblocks and delays in its construction due to land acquisition issues but for long term investments NPR is preferred and for short term investments, SPR is preferred.

The main reason why Southern peripheral road is preferred in comparison to Dwarka expressway is because SPR passes through the best prime locations of Gurgaon which are already fully grown and developed covering all the Shopping malls, offices, commercial areas, residential areas. To name a few of these prime locations which are in the vicinity of SPR are the Golf course road, Golf course extension road ( SPR itself), MG road, Sohna road and all the shopping malls, offices, commercial areas, residential areas which lie along these roads and are easily accessible from the Southern peripheral road.

The above is evident from the fact that if you look at the map of Gurgaon, NH-8 passes through the middle of Gurgaon and most of the areas above NH-8 or to the north of NH-8 comprise of old Gurgaon or the areas which are in the stage of developing or yet to be developed. This is in comparison to the areas which lie below NH-8 or to the south of NH-8 which are fully grown and developed with impeccable infrastructure. Gurgaon has come up at par with a world class city due to the modern development which has taken place in these areas which lie to the south of NH-8 in terms of Shopping malls, office complexes, commercial complexes, residential areas, infrastructure, metro network, new road network etc. As Southern peripheral road passes through these southern areas, it is preferred over Dwarka expressway in most of the aspects in the current scenario.

As far as good connectivity is concerned, Southern Peripheral road overlaps Golf course extension road which itself is an extension of Golf course road as the name suggests, coming from the above direction. Golf course road itself is one of the most important roads of Gurgaon as the most prestigious office, commercial and residential spaces lie on both sides of the Golf course road. Now as these developments have already taken place on both sides of the Golf course road, so the further developments of the office, commercial and residential areas of the most important brand values are taking place along the Golf course extension road or Southern peripheral road as it is known now. Therefore Southern Peripheral road is proving to be an easy access to the very important Golf course road and its surrounding areas as it is linked to it.

The surrounding areas in the vicinity of the whole Southern Peripheral road in Gurgaon have become the major hub for buyers and investors because of proper developed infrastructure and all the major Residential and commercial developments taking place in these areas. This high in demand Realty hub along SPR route is easily accessible from all directions, connecting important locations with less travel time and with proper infrastructure and all amenities available.

Succinctly, it can be said that the route along SPR provides easy accessibility to all the important locations of Gurgaon like the residential, office and commercial hubs from far off places like Faridabad as it is an excellent link with Gurgaon Sohna road, National highway NH-8 and Dwarka expressway. SPR inter-connects Faridabad, Gurgaon and Delhi quite comfortably. The Southern peripheral road is all the more important as it can be considered as the major server road which is well connected to all the residential, commercial office hubs of the whole of Gurgaon through the subsidiary roads which join it. If one wants to reach any place in Gurgaon in less travel time without traffic jams, one can bank upon the Southern peripheral road and from there reach the desired destination.


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